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Sample file (Affy Mapping50K_Hind240) Sample VCF file (genome version 37) AutozygosityMapper is primarily aimed at VCF files, we recommend using HomozygosityMapper instead. The filename must not contain any characters except letters, digits, & underscores - spaces are not allowed. This file must be plain text and can be zipped or gzipped - formats & sample files. There is no standard format for SNP array genotypes - should you experience problems with your file or miss the array in the drop-down menu, please send an email.
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Genotypes with a coverage below this value are neglected. You must set this value to 0 unless your VCF file has the DP flag in the FORMAT(!) column.
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  • Due to storage limitations, data created as guest will be deleted from time to time (we keep the data at least for three weeks).
  • You cannot use the homozygosity around a gene in GeneDistiller if your genotypes are private and you are not logged in.
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